Ashay and welcome to Black on Board Online Silver

Black on Board Silver is an interactive governance training service of the highest quality. Designed and delivered by sector leaders and change makers at the top of their game. We recognise that having brilliant people that look like us is key to our success.

Black on Board Online Silver is a perfect self-study option, and includes access to our online curriculum, Black on Board Community Membership, and monthly live vacancies.

Because of the current cost of living crisis, we are continuing our launch discount until further notice.

What is included with Black on Board Online Silver?

13 self-study Units

3 live Masterclass sessions

3 live Black on Board Community training sessions

Monthly newsletter

BoB Community membership

Live vacancies


Why choose Silver Membership?


Silver membership is a high value training option featuring:
·      Our online self-study curriculum featuring 20 short films, audio, and specially curated additional resources 
·      3 live Masterclass sessions
·      3 live training sessions and race issue of the day seminars
·      Monthly Live Vacancies
·      Access to the growing Black on Board Community

Do have any questions? Want to speak to someone?

Call us on: 07872 507489 or 07885 969268. We will get straight back to you

Is it for me? If you are:

·      A person of colour

·      Want to realise your potential

·      Love learning, take responsibility and work hard

The answer is yes.

* Please note that our definition of person of colour includes people of African descent, Asian descent, Latin American, Arabic and dual and multiple heritage.

Enrol on Black on Board Silver now:

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What does a board member do?


A board is responsible for making sure that an organisation has a clear idea of where it is going and how it plans to get there. Board members have a responsibility to act honestly, exercise reasonable care and skill, whilst performing their necessary tasks on behalf of the organisation.


Anyone can take up a governance position with the right training. We have found that many people are intimidated by the idea of becoming a board member itself. The training demystifies this idea. You don’t have to have a specific qualification or have been a manager first. And there are many types of board and opportunities.

Why Black on Board?

Black on Board addresses Black and Minoritised Communities (BMC) underrepresentation at senior and board level which has been recognised as a damaging across sectors.


The Parker Review found that only 1.5% pf the top 100 FTSE had BMC company directors while McGregor – Smith 2017 review estimated the cost of discrimination in the workplace at an annual 24 billion to the UK economy.

Why Olmec?

We get results. Since 2018 trained 200 people on Black on Board and 150 are now on boards or have been promoted. 


Our team are 85% people of colour, and our board is made of 100% people of colour.

We walk the walk with decision makers at the top that reflect the rich diversity of black and brown British community. 


Our mission statement is race equality through economic and social justice.


Olmec is an award winning social enterprise and provides a training team who are all experienced board members Black on Board has run successfully since 2005.